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TEC (Tivoli Enterprise Console)
An IBM system and network monitoring product. TEC collects event information from a variety of system and application resources, correlates the information to determine detect problems and performs automated problem resolution.

Token Ring
A LAN access mechanism and topology in which a supervisory frame or token is passed from station to station in sequential order. Stations wishing to gain access to the network must wait for the token to arrive before transmitting data. Invented and once heavily promoted by IBM, token ring technology is on the decline, having been surpassed in popularity by Ethernet, a rival LAN technology. See Ethernet.

The logical or physical arrangement of stations on a network in relation to one another. See bus, ring topology and star topology.

TPF (Transaction Processing Facility)
A high-availability IBM system designed to support transaction-driven applications.

TSD (Tivoli Service Desk)
A consolidated service desk (CSD) product once offered by IBM's Tivoli unit. It was sold to Peregrine Systems in 2000.

TSO (Time Sharing Option)
An IBM mainframe feature, introduced in its Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) operating system, that provides users with interactive time sharing from remote terminals. The latest version, offered in z/OS, is called Time Sharing Option/Extensions (TSO/E). See MVS and TSO/E.

TSO/E (Time Sharing Option/Extensions)
A feature of IBM's z/OS operating system. It provides an interactive terminal interface for z/Series mainframes. See z/OS and TSO.

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