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RMDS (Report Management and Distribution System)
RMDS - É um aplicativo online responsável por Gerenciamento e Distribuição Automática de Relatórios desenvolvido para o sistema MVS - z/OS

DBNARCH - Coleta e organização dos Dados e geração dos Relatórios.
DBNVTAM - Comunicação, arquivamento e entrega dos Relatórios.

IBM's Report Management and Distribution System (referred to as RMDS in this book) eliminates the problems and costs associated with printing, microfiching, storing, and distributing large quantities of data. RMDS provides a report management system for users of MVS systems. RMDS saves you time and money by letting you:

- Save reports online: Instead of printing, tracking, and then piling reports anywhere you can find room, you can store a report online in the RMDS library. You replace the high cost of storing printed reports with the relatively low cost of storing the same information online. Online storage makes it easy to keep as many back levels of reports as you need, without having to archive and track them in a physical storage space.
- Automatically print and distribute reports at any time: Once a report is stored in the RMDS library, any authorized user can view it, print it, and distribute it. This eliminates the distribution bottleneck associated with distributing printed reports.
- View and print only the information you need: Because reports stored in an RMDS library are online, the time it takes to find the information you want is significantly reduced. And when you do find the information, you can print out just the pages that contain what you are looking for, instead of entire reports.
- Secure your report data: You can make all or part of a report accessible to a designated list of people at a designated time. You can share only the information you want to share, with only the people who need it. You can even hide the fact that a report exists.
- Ensure the integrity of your data: After you store your report in the RMDS library, you can place it on "hold" while you verify the information. No one on the report's distribution list can access the report until you approve the report and release it.
- Transfer report data to other platforms: RMDS can help you bring your report information over to other MVS, VM, and PC platforms. You can then use this online report information in ways not possible with printed reports.

RACF (Resource Access Control Facility)
A security facility for IBM mainframe environments. RACF originated as a feature of the Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) operating system in 1976 and, more recently, has been incorporated into IBM's OS/390 and z/OS environments. See MVS, OS/390 and z/OS.

RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control)
A line of IBM disk storage technology. When it was introduced in 1957, RAMAC was the world's first computer disk storage system.

RDM (Remote Deployment Manager)
An IBM tool (formerly called LANClient Control Manager, or "LCCM") that allows systems administrators to remotely configure and deploy operating systems and applications on IBM systems. RDM remotely identifies systems and collects data, such as system memory, hard disk capacity and BIOS information.

remote control
Control of a computer or its applications from another computer or terminal in a remote location. Historically, this concept described certain legacy mainframe applications (for example, those accessed over an IBM 3270 terminal). More recently, the term is often applied to software that allows a PC to have complete control over another PC at a different site.

REXX (Restructured Extended Executor)
A structured, interpretive language used to create operator-level command streams to manage and link applications in IBM mainframe environments.

RPG (Report Program Generator)
An IBM-proprietary procedural-programming language, most commonly used on the AS/400 family of computers (now known as the eServer iSeries).

RS/6000 (RISC System/6000)
An IBM technical workstation introduced in 1990. It is based on reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture and runs the Unix-based Advanced Interactive Executive (AIX) operating system. See RISC, Unix and AIX.

RVA (RAMAC Virtual Array)
An IBM disk storage system.


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