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Parallel Sysplex
The cornerstone of IBM's mainframe clustering technology. It is designed to allow multiple central electronics complexes (CECs) to share a common database so a transaction can execute on one of several processors that share a single view of the data. This implementation substantially improves parallelism, and therefore overall system throughput, at a multitasking level. See clustering and CEC.

PES (Parallel Enterprise Server)
A label used by IBM for its CMOS-based mainframes.

PPRC (Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy)
A remote-copy capability offered in IBM storage products. It uses standard Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) links to communicate between control units. See ESCON.

PROFS (Professional Office System)
An IBM office system for the Virtual Machine (VM) environment.

PR/SM (Processor Resource/System Manager)
A mainframe logical-partitioning facility, introduced by IBM in 1988. PR/SM logical partitions (LPARs) enable multiple operating systems (or copies of the same system) to run on one physical central processing unit or complex.

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