Termos e Definições - L

Load Address:
L1 = LOAD ADDRESS - Endereço do device onde se encontram os Parametros de Load.

Load Parm:
L2 = LOAD PARM - Endereço do dataset onde se encontram as configurações do sistema.

LTO (Linear Tape Open)
A tape storage format, originally developed by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate Technology.

LU (Logical Unit)
IBM's term for a logical node that is the user's "port" into a Systems Network Architecture (SNA) network. LU 1 is a high-performance print and 3270 data stream. LU 6 enables host-to-host data exchange, and provides a peer-to-peer data stream. See SNA.

LU 6.2 (Logical Unit 6.2)
An IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) protocol. LU 6.2 is a device-independent process-to-process protocol; it also supports asynchronous (store-and-forward) networking. It provides the facilities for peer-to-peer communication between programs. See SNA.

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